Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1. Why should a urine sample be fresh when it is tested?Urine should be tested when it is fresh to provide a clearer analysis. If it is too old, it could acquire bacteria that will interfere with the results.
2. What are two physical changes that occur in the urine after it has been acted on by bacteria?Some of the physical changes that occur in urine after it has been acted on by bacteria include cloudiness, and a foul odor.
3. What are three observations or tests that could indicate tha a person hads diabetes?Three observations of urine that can indicate a person has diabetes; a fruity odor (which means the presence of ketones), pale, and diluted color, and a specific gravity less than 1.015.
4. What are two ways that you might recognize blood in urine?Color and transparency are ways you can recognize blood in urine.
5. Why might a urine sample taken early in the morning differ from a sample taken soon after dinner? Both urine samples are affected by different factors. The sample after dinner can be altered by food intake, and fluid consumption.



1.How would the specific gravity of urine be different after a vigorous workout without consuming significant quantities of a water?After a vigorous workout without consuming significant amounts of water, the specific gravity will have a higher concentration. A vigorous workout increases the breakdown of glucose, without enough water to flush it out it remains in the urine;meaning specific gravity will be high because of the of the high glucose content.
2. The presence of ketones is often high in the urine of both diabetics and people who suffer from anorexia. What characterisitics would these two groups have in common?People suffering from diabetes and anorexia will both have a fruity odor.
3. What factors would contribute to a very high or very low pH in urine? Food, dieting, stress, drugs, breathing rate, and liquid intake can affect the pH of urine. Whether the pH of urine is high or low is determined by whether or not they consume acidic foods, an abundant amount of stress..etc. Depending on consumption will result
in either extreme.

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